SMART Studying program

The key to a freer life

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Learn to live a structured and independent life with the support of digital tools.

SMART Studying is a research-based CBT program designed to give you tools to help you get started with difficult tasks, get organized and live the life you want to live. Will the help of a licensed psychologist and digital tools you will find a structured and independent life.

Do you need help organizing your studies?

Let today be the day you take control of your own time! Your journey towards better grades and more efficient methods of learning begins here.


Your smartphone is the key

And with SMART Studyings advice you will be able to unlock the door to a better organized life . We learn to use electronic calendars, reminders and to-do lists in a way that is sure to simplify your life!


In eight short weeks we will save you from years of anxiety regarding your studies

Begin your journey towards a freer life, sign up for SMART Studying today!


Who is using SMART Studying?

We are working with a few of Swedens biggest universitys. Contact your university and see if you can start now as well!

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