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We at Sincely believe you can wake up one day and change your life!


Based on recent studies, we have designed a method that is pioneering in its field. Since 2010 we have worked on making psychological interventions available to everyone. The result is Sincely. A company that first began working with universities and refined the process iteratively. Since then, growth has been extremely rapid, partly through dedicated employees and partly by a belief, grounded in research, in that what we do gives people a better tomorrow!


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Birger Moƫll

Birger is a psychologist and researcher of online treatments. The product of his master thesis is the world's first online based treatment for ADHD and he also does research regarding internet-based treatments for depression and anxiety. He also has a background in computer science.

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Alex Bergvall

Alex is an amazing developer who started programming on his internal computer soundcard when he was five years old. He has worked with DevOps, networks, and web performance and IT courses internationally the last decade.

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Where can you find us?

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