What is Internet based CBT?

Internet based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is in many ways similar to visiting a psychologist, but with some important differences. In Internet Treatment your contact with your psychologist is done over the Internet, instead of in the room.

Using Internet-based CBT, you will learn the reasons why you feel a certain way and together we will find solutions to your problems.

The difference to "normal" treatment is that you gain support through your phone, tablet and computer but not from any specific location. Instead, we are available wherever you are!

Who can get help from Internet based CBT?

Everyone can find Internet CBT useful.

On your terms, at tour own pace through a program that is always available.

Our programs are based on modern research on what we know works when you are depressed or have problems with anxiety or sleep.

How does Internet based CBT work?

In our programs you read online material and try things out in your daily life with the help of exercises and applications.

Cognitive behavioral Therapy is based on the idea that negative thoughts and behaviors affect us. By learning to change these thoughts and learn what behaviors are harmful, we can find ways to make you feel better.

With the help of a psychologist, you will dare to take the first necessary steps towards a better life.

Frequently asked questions

How can Internet-based CBT be as good as meeting a person in real life?

When I feel bad, I want to meet a real person, using the computer would not be the same thing for me.

We certainly do not want to prevent you from going to a psychologist or other therapists to get help with your problems. Seeing a therapist can be a great and if that is what you want, you can find a CBT therapist in your area by searching for it online. The important thing for us is not necessarily that you try our program, the important is that you take necessary steps to feel better

Talking to a psychologist or getting medicine from a doctor can be helpful. It might also be usefult to have another contact during our program. We are confident that our program can be even more effective if you combine it with additional support. So do not feel afraid to have a therapist contact just because you join our program.

We also know from research that treatment over the Internet often helps just as much as going to a psychologist, and for a much better prize. During the program you will always be able to contact one of our psychologists who are real people with long experience of helping people in crisis.

It can also be difficult to find the time to go to a therapist, you have to find a time that fits into your full schedule and then manage to go there every week. Our programs are ALWAYS available, every day, around the clock and our psychologists will answer your questions within 24 hours.

In our program, you will also get the opportunity to get support using tapplications in your daily life. This customized help, will be impossible to get if you visit a psychologist or psychiatrist.

How does the programs work?

The programs start when you log in and are active for 12 weeks. We have chosen this period since it is is that it is important to get started and make a change and 12 weeks is a sufficient period for making that change.

During the program you will perform exercises with your psychologist that will help you find your way back to the life you want to live.

It is a good thing to take one thing at a time when you feel down. You may feel that you want to change everything at once, but it is often best to change gradually.

Which program is suitable for me?

Sometimes it can be hard to know what it is you need help with. Therefore, we have developed a test that can help you find which program suits you the best.

Here you will find a link to our test and find out what programs are best suited for you.

You might find that more then one program is suitable for you, in that case it is best to decide on what you want to tackle first.

If you need help finding a program that suits you, get in touch with us by phone 070-485 18 93.

What programs do we offer?

We want to help you feel better and we are constantly working to improve our programs and create new programs. If you feel like anything is missing in a program, contact us and we will help you find material that works for you.

SMART Living

SMART Living is a program that helps you organize daily life and improve your attention. The program is designed to help people with ADHD but we have noticed that most people like having a better structure in their everyday lives.

The program teaches how you can use your own smartphone to find balance in your life where you get extra time to do all the things you like and also get all the things you need to do done. Simply put, a smarter life.

Learn more about the program here or by clicking the image to the right.

SMART Studying

SMART Studying is developed in cooperation with Stockholm University and Karolinska Institutet to help students gain better structure and learn smarter ways to study.

The program gives you access to the very best apps for concentration and you learn to find your own way to smart studying.

Learn more about the program here or by clicking the image to the right.

SMART Depression

SMART Depression is a program that helps you manage depression and learn to look on the bright side of life.

The program is based on modern research and you will get access to information, exercises and applications that will help you feel better.

Read more about the program here or by clicking the image to the right

SMART Anxiety

SMART Anxiety is a program that gives you the possibility to live a life free from worry and anxiety.

With the help of techniques from ACT and Mindfulness we teach you how to life the life you want to live.

Read more about the program here or by clicking the image to the right


A program to help you sleep better, Coming soon!

SMART Trauma

A program that will help you if you have experienced trauma. Coming soon!

Take the first step

We know it is not always so easy to get started. We want so badly to change us but it is something that resists and gets us to stay there and not make any change.

To start working on something you have been struggling with all your life can be very challenging.

We understand that it can be difficult to work with these things and we really want to help you.

New technology, in the form of smartphones, SMS-reminders, applications and other things are not things we have in our program because we think they are exciting. We use these toools since they been shown to make it easier to take the first step towards recovery.

Small steps that will improve your life

Treatment with Cognitive Behavioural therapy is done in co-operation between the therapist and patient, and that is of course also the case for our online treatments.

CBT is like wanderin upp a staircase, where we together decide how big steps you feel like taking. It may take its time but together we will reach the top. Irregardless if we are talking about getting out of a period of depression or overcoming a strong fear.

We believe that choice is an important part of treatment. We will never force you to do an exercise that you are not comfortable with and you will always decide in what pace you want to work.

During the program you will find that you can achieve your goals and make it to the top, something that might have felt was impossible in the beginning of the program

Tips along the way

We wanted to give you some tips for good ways to cope with difficulties

Do not wait to long with finding a treatment. Research shows that the longer you wait, the worse you will feel. Try seeing a professional as soon as possible.

  • Try staying active and exercise. Exercise has been shown to be a good way to handle both depression and anxiety.
  • Start by finding some realistic goals for yourself.
  • Divide large tasks into smaller pieces, prioritize and do your best to get started
  • Try interacting with other people and confide in a friend or family member. Try not to isolate yourself and instead let others help you
  • Expect your mood to improve gradually, not immediately. Do not expect to suddenly stop feeling down, Often you will experience that sleep and apetite are the first things that will improve before you start feeling better.
  • Postpone important decisions like getting married or finding a new job until you are feeling better. Talk about decisions with others that know you and have a more objective view of your situation.
  • Remember that positive thinking will replace negtive thoughts when you get better with the help of treatment
  • Continue educating yourself about mental health.
  • Take a first step, get started with our program.